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Blockchain computertechniek zorgt voor ongekende transparantie varkensvlees!

On June 6th, we hosted an event in Wageningen in which we presented the AgOS roadmap for the coming months. All partners from the Frievar chain were present: ForFarmers, Topigs, Meat Friends, de Varkenspraktijk, MS Schippers, Van der Zee/Hanos, Hemelumerhoeve and Echtenerpolderhoeve. Gathering all players from across the chain together in one place at the same time was a unique experience for all involved, and lead to some very productive exchanges as well as giving us an opportunity to align interests across the chain and develop more ideas on how to create value for all involved.

Thanks to all present, the day was a big success with good discussions, a lot of food for thought and, for us, a lot of homework.

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